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PHP | Gmagick commentImage() Function

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The Gmagick::commentImage() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to add the comment in an image.


Gmagick Gmagick::commentImage( $comment )

Parameters: This function accepts a single parameter $comment which is used to hold the comment.

Return Value: This function returns the Gmagick object with comment added.

Below programs illustrate the Gmagick::commentImage() function in PHP:

Program 1:
Original Image:

// require_once('vendor/autoload.php');
// Create an Gmagick Object
$image = new Gmagick(
// Add comment to the image 
// Display the comment 
echo $image->getImageProperty("comment");



Program 2:
Image created by Gmagick Function:

$string = "Computer Science portal for Geeks!";
// creating new image of above String
// and add color and background
$im = new Gmagick();
$draw = new GmagickDraw();
// Fill the color in image
$draw->setFillColor(new GmagickPixel('green'));
// Set the text font size
$metrix = $im->queryFontMetrics($draw, $string);
$draw->annotation(0, 40, $string);
$im->newImage($metrix['textWidth'], $metrix['textHeight'],
         new GmagickPixel('white'));
// Draw the image         
// Function to add border image
$im->borderImage(new GmagickPixel('Blue'), 5, 5);
// Function to add comment
// Function to set the image format
// Printing Added Comment 
echo $im->getImageProperty("comment");




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Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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