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PHP Ds\PriorityQueue push() Function

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  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2019
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The Ds\PriorityQueue::push() Function in PHP is used to push or insert values in a PriorityQueue instance. This function pushes values along with a given priority in the PriorityQueue.


void public Ds\PriorityQueue::push($value, $priority)

Parameters: This function accepts two parameters:

  • $value: This is the value to be inserted in the PriorityQueue.
  • $priority: This parameter is the priority according to which the value will be arranged in the PriorityQueue.

Return Value: This function does not returns any value.

Below program illustrate the Ds\PriorityQueue::push() Function in PHP:

// Declare new PriorityQueue 
$pq = new \Ds\PriorityQueue(); 
// Add elements to the PriorityQueue
$pq->push("One", 1);
$pq->push("Two", 2);
$pq->push("Three", 3);
echo "PriorityQueue is: \n";


PriorityQueue is: 
Ds\PriorityQueue Object
    [0] => Three
    [1] => Two
    [2] => One


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