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PHP | DOMText splitText() Function
  • Last Updated : 13 Mar, 2020

The DOMText::splitText() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to break a node into two nodes at the specified offset.


DOMText DOMText::splitText( int $offset )

Parameters: This function accepts a single parameter $offset which holds the offset to split.

Return Value: This function returns a new node of the same type, which contains all the content at and after the offset.

Below given programs illustrate the DOMText::splitText() function in PHP:

Program 1:

// Create the text Node
$text = new DOMText('GeeksforGeeks');
// Split the text
$splitedtext = $text->splitText(8);
echo $splitedtext->nodeValue;



Program 2:

// Create a new DOMDocument instance
$document = new DOMDocument();
// Create a div element
$element = $document->appendChild(new DOMElement('div'));
// Create a text Node
$text = $document->createTextNode('GeeksforGeeks');
// Append the nodes
echo "Number of text nodes before splitting: ";
echo count($element->childNodes) . "<br>";
// Splitting the text
echo "Number of text nodes after splitting: ";
echo count($element->childNodes);


Number of text nodes before splitting: 1
Number of text nodes after splitting: 1


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