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PHP | convert_uuencode() Function

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  • Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2018
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The convert_uuencode() is a built-in function in PHP. The convert_uuencode() function encodes a string using the uuencode algorithm.
Uuencode encoding translates all strings (including binary data) into printable characters which makes them safe for network transmissions.


String convert_uuencode($string)

Parameters: This function accepts a single parameter $string which is the string, required to uuencode.

Return value: This function returns a string which represents the uuencoded data.


Input : "Good Morning..."
Output : /1V]O9"!-;W)N:6YG+BXN

Input : "I love my india"
Output : /22!L;W9E(&UY(&EN9&EA`

Below program illustrate the convert_uuencode() function:

// PHP program illustrate the 
// convert_uuencode() function
// Input String
$str = "geeks for geeks!";
// Encoding the string
$encodeString = convert_uuencode($str);
// printing encoded string
echo $encodeString . "\n";
// Decode the string
$decodeString = convert_uudecode($encodeString);
echo $decodeString;


09V5E:W, @9F]R(&=E96MS(0``
geeks for geeks! 


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