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PhonePe Interview Experience (1.10 years experience)

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Round 1: Machine Coding

Design a snake and ladder game. Code should be modular and demoable. Time given was 90 minutes. He mentioned the code should handle cases when you want to add a new obstacle along with snake and ladder, add any number of players in the game etc.

Round 2: PS/DS round

I liked the interview questions. They were of medium difficulty. 4 questions were asked. I don’t remember all the questions.

  1.  Question asked was similar to this –
  2. There are seats numbered from 1 to N placed in a row. You are given a list of integers empty spaces and a list of occupied spaces both between 1 to N. You are given M queries. In each query, you need to allocate a seat to a new person such that the distance between him and closest person to him is maximized. 1<=N<=10^7, 1<=M<=10^7, M<N . I solved it using priority queue.
  4. Given an array of integers. You need to find three indexes i, j, k such that the product A[i]*A[j]*A[k] is maximum and A[i]<=A[j]<=A[k] and i<j<k.

Round 3: Design Round

Design a parking lot with all the classes and class diagram. I was asked to design everything on a whiteboard. Then he asked me how would you write an algorithm if you need to guide a car to its parking spot. He discussed the approach and was convinced with my solution. Also, the discussion moved on to how google implements google map.

Round 4 : Hiring Manager Round

  1. HM seemed very knowledgeable. For about 45 minutes we had in-depth discussion on my current work and project.
  2. He then asked me to if I had to design a tiny url service, how many days will I need to come up with a production level code.
  3. Why phonepe ?
  4. Some behavioral questions.
  5. Then I asked him a couple of questions about Phonepe.

HM round was the longest round with went for about 2.5 hrs. I was asked to leave for the day.

I got an offer after 2 days:)

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Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2019
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