Philips interview Experience (Off Campus) for the role of Software Engineer

My resume was shortlisted for the process, which required taking up the test remotely with a functioning webcam and microphone.

Round 1: Online Test

1) Verbal : 10 questions
2) Technical : 10 questions
3) Logical Reasoning : 10 questions
4) Quantitative : 10 questions

Total time allotted for this round was 30 mins. The questions in the technical part constituted of Data Structures, OOPS, Operating systems, computer networks and DBMS concepts.

This was Followed by a coding round containing 2 questions which were basically matrix manipulation. Time allotted for this round was 1 hour.

Round 2: Technical and Managerial Interview

Around 40 people were shortlisted from different places across the country and were called for further rounds at the Philips innovation campus at Bangalore. This round was technical and team specific as a result it was a accumulation of both managerial and technical aspects.

It started with basic introduction, followed by some questions on OOPS, OS, DBMS, JAVA.

These included questions like :

  • What is IPC?
  • Implement Multi-threading in Java.
  • Different forms of Normalization.
  • Explain triggers and views with an example.
  • Questions on different kinds of sorting algorithms.
  • Use of Garbage Collector in Java.
  • Questions on my Projects.
  • Discussion on open source contributions.

This was followed by some basic team management questions.

Round 3: HR Interview

Around 15 people were shortlisted for the HR round. I was lucky to be one of them.

The Interview was very general, she asked me about my family background, what do you want achieve in life and some general character based questions. Finally she asked me why choose Philips over other companies.

After the interview i was given an employment form and a week later i was notified about my selection officially via email.

All the Best!

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