Phenom people Interview Experience (PDE-1 role for 1-3yrs experienced)


This is my interview experience for product development engineer role(PDE-1) at phenom people, Hyderabad. I applied through Naukri and got a call from one of their recruiters. The process took 3 weeks.

Round-1: Telephonic round

Basic questions related to resume and reason for a change. They will check your DS & Algos knowledge. It is the key for this role. Be confident in coding. All the interviewers were very friendly and talented.

Technical questions related to JAVA:
1.What is a singleton class, examples and how do you break that scenario?
2. How do you achieve runtime polymorphism in java?
3. Why are pointers not allowed in java?
4. Is call by reference allowed in java?
5. Some questions on JVM architecture?

I got shortlisted and invited to hackathon at their office.

Round-2: CodenHire hackathon

The shortlisted candidates were divided into groups of size 5 with two mentors for each team. It’s a 6hrs hackathon. The team should discuss among themselves and come up with an idea. Design the schema and important features to implement. The team has to implement the features using pure Data structures like class, object, vectors, maps, graph algorithms etc.., The mentors will be monitoring and helping in every step.

For example:
We choose “Medical SOS” idea and implemented following features:
1. Register the patients and ambulance.
2. Assign drivers to the ambulances.
3. Maintain the details of the ambulance and patients.
4. Find the nearest ambulance in a region using shortest path algorithm.
5. Find the best ambulance according to the type and urgency from the list of available ambulances.
6. Crowd funding concept for running this project.
7. Use filters for finding best ambulance for an emergency.

We implemented this in 2hrs. Remember no internet connection will be provided. This is the most important round for getting selected.

Some of the other ideas are Implementing job portals, Resume parsing for keywords etc.,

Round-3: Technical round

Discussed about previous work experience.
Coding questions:
1.Given a sorted circular single linked list. write a code to Insert, delete given elements into it.
2.Detect the loop in a single linked list.
Tips:Try to explain multiple approaches for a given problem.

Round-4:Managerial round

Interaction with the director. He is very friendly and discussed about general things other than resume.
Tell about yourself like a story, What makes you happy in lyf, Reason for a change, company culture. He will see whether you are inline with the company culture or not.

Round-5:Managerial round

Discussion with vice president on zoom. It is purely managerial. He asked few things like introduce yourself, what do you know about phenom, what inspired you in phenom.

Finally I got selected 🙂 .Thanks to GeeksForGeeks.

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