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Phases of Web Development

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 May, 2020

Web Development refers to a term that includes all the processes involved in developing a web project or website. It contains the various phases such as planning, designing, testing, and launching of the web project. The web development process requires a team of experts responsible for implementing the different tasks needed to create a website.

The various stages that are needed in order to develop a web project in web development are as following:

Strategy: The first step in the web development process for a developer is to make a strategy for developing a web page or web site. In the strategy phase, web developer has to done the following:

  • Deciding goals and objectives
  • Developing team
  • Make the appropriate analysis associated with problem and review the analysis
  • Formulate a list of tasks
  • Proposal of project to web team for developing

Design and Specification: After the strategy-making, the next step in the web development process is to develop a planned work. Web developer has to determine the schedule and the specifications. The tasks in this phase are as follows.

  • Developing approach
  • Planning of contents needed for use
  • Making of rough design for project
  • Making of final design from rough design, if there are no considerable modification in rough design.
  • Frame a prototype of project for developing
  • Test the prototype

If prototype is accomplish, then go to next phase phase-3 otherwise repeat the phase 2 until prototype is accomplish.

Production of desired result: In this phase of the web development process, the actual functional site is built. After the proper testing of the prototype, the developer has to work on developing the actual live web project. The actual live web project is built according to the requirements of the client. Web developer has to consider all the situations from the design phase to create all the features in the web project. This phase involves both front end development and back end development of the website. Front end development comprises of the writing codes with the basic technologies like HTML, CSS, etc. according to the web standards. It generally starts by developing the home page first and then other pages. Back end development is also completed in this phase by installing and configuring the content management systems, databases, and frameworks. After completing all the steps that were finalized in the strategy and design phase by which the original website becomes functional, it is tested in the next phase.

Testing and Maintenance: Testing is an important phase in the web development process. Testing is performed by the developers and testers to ensure the client’s requirements after completion of the web project. In this phase, quality assurance and browser compatibility issues of the website are checked. Testers test all the developed features and assure the validity of the written code. Various types of testing such as integration testing, regression testing, functional testing, smoke testing, load testing, and performance testing are performed in this phase by both testing and development teams. Testing can be performed manually or automatically on the basis of the type of testing and web projects. If desired and satisfactory results are not found, the proper actions for removing the bugs are taken.

Registration with ISP: After completion of the Testing and Maintenance and removing all the bugs from the project, the next step or phase is to register the web project with the regional ISP to make the web project legal. The web project is delivered to the client after uploading the website to a server. File transfer protocol (FTP) is used to host the website to a hosting server. The client has to select and decide the ISP which provides domain name registration and web hosting services. After setup of these accounts and registering with the ISP so that the web project gets an accurate domain space at the ISP server.

Launch: This is the last phase of the web development process. Project is launched after getting registered with ISP. after launching, web project is publicly accessed by the users of the particular domain. The tasks performed in the launch phase are as follows.

  • Migration of data
  • Launching of server
  • Merging of code
  • Redirecting domain name
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