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Persistent Systems Interview Experience

Last Updated : 10 Oct, 2018
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Persistent Systems – A product based company which only tests your technical skills and they judge you on that. My college had campus drive of persistent and we were having less than 3 weeks to prepare. The situation was a bit hectic and persi was a battle, which we were supposed to conquered. Now I’ll gonna put some light on selection procedure. Description of different rounds that I have faced –

1. Written test – Comprises of 3 sections.
First section consist of 60 questions. Only 5 were from aptitude and reasoning, while other 55 comprises of different subjects of computer science. Most were from Computer Networking, Software Engineering and Data Structures. Level of questions were from moderate to tough. One need to have his basics clear.

Second section was coding. A problem statement which can be a oops concept or something related to data structure. We were only supposed to write the code and submit it. No necessity to compile or run it.

Third section was essay writing.

Preparation Tip for written – Try to go through the basics of core cs subjects and understand the concept. And use geek for geeks for coding practice.

2. Technical Round – Persistent conduct 2 technical rounds T1 and T2.
T1 to check your technical knowledge. A problem statement is being given and you need to write a program on paper. And some moderate data base queries are also given. And you need explain your project very well. Project matters a lot.
T2 to check your problem solving and logical skills. You can be asked to explain database of your project. And you can be tested on your problem solving approach. That is, can you create a efficient solution or not.

3. HR Round – It was easiest of all rounds. General questions were asked related to life, family, college etc.

Overall experience was quite good. Interview panel was friendly.

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