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Persistent Systems Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2020

In this article, I am going to share my experience on the virtual campus drive held by Persistent Systems on our campus. Persistent Systems came to our campus with 3 types of profiles. 

So there were 5 types of rounds in the final selection process. The first round is an online assessment test round. It basically comprises some MCQs from some core subjects of Computer Science (Persistent Systems held the drive only for CSE and IT students), verbal and logical MCQs, and Automata. The second round is an advanced coding round followed by 2 technical interview rounds and 1 HR interview round.

Let me start from the beginning. Our first step was obviously to register for the campus drive. The followings are the criteria for students who could register. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates from BE/B.Tech – CS and IT streams only
  • No live ATKT in any subject (Theory / Practical / Oral / any other) at the time of the


  • 10th and 12th Marks: Minimum 60%
  • • BE Min 60% i.e 6.0 CGPA (aggregate till 3rd Year)

After Registration candidates are shortlisted according to the given criteria. Then we were provided with the information about the online test pattern and the following rounds we had to go through. Since the campus drive was virtual it was held on the AMCAT platform i.e we had to give the exams and interviews on the AMCAT platform only. Below are the wordy description of the rounds.

Round 1 (Online Assessment Test Round): This round consists of 4 parts.

  1. MCQs on Core CS subjects (20 minutes )
  2. Verbal MCQs (15 mins)
  3. Logical MCQs (15 mins)
  4. Automata (45mins)

The syllabus of part 1 of this round was given to us before the test. For us, the syllabus was Operating System, Computer Architecture, DBMS, Computer Networks, and Communication Theory.  The questions were not so tough. The preparation we take for semester exams is enough to answer the questions and clear the cut off easily. 

In the Verbal part there were these general verbal aptitude questions like synonyms, antonyms, fill in the blanks based on the most appropriate word given in the options, jumbled sentences, comprehensions, etc.

The logical round also had those general logical reasoning aptitude questions like a family tree, direction, encoding decoding, choose the next or missing number from a given series, pick the odd one, etc..

The Automata round has some coding problems given and some codes already written, our job is to rectify the code by maybe changing some parts of the code or write more code on the pre-written code to satisfy all the test cases. Sometimes they also ask you to implement a function without changing anything in the code. You will get to choose a comfortable language. The questions are generally easy, and they give more than enough time for the questions. If your basics are clear and have practiced well you shall be able to complete it within 20 mins. 

Now, after you clear this round you will be eligible for the next round. The shortlisting for the next round was done on the same day, and we had our round 2 the next day only.

Round 2 (Advanced Coding round): This round comprises 2 coding questions and the duration is 60mins.

If you are able to do both of the questions you will be selected for the third profile and if you do only 1 question you will be selected for the 2nd profile and for both cases you have to sit for 1 technical interview only.

Those who are unable to do any of those are selected for the first profile and have to sit for two technical interviews.

Here also we were given the option to choose our language. The questions in this round were both from dynamic programming. I had no idea about the solution to the 2nd question but I managed to solve the 1st question (right after the test was over). So then, I was selected for the base package.

Round 3(Level 1 Technical Interview): So for this round, we were given a link for the online meeting via email, and the time was mentioned there. I was so excited about this interview because it was the 1st job interview of my life. I joined the meeting at the scheduled time, the interviewer was already there. Here’s how it went.

So he greeted me with a good afternoon and then asked me about my preferable language, I chose C++. Then he told me that he was going to give me 2 problem-solving questions, 1 question from DSA and 1 question from OOPs, and asked me if I want to start with problem-solving or OOPs.  

I started with Problem Solving.

  1. He gave me a C code and asked me to tell the output of the code. It was a code on while loop and increment, decrement.
  2. Then he showed me a pattern of numbers and asked me to write a code to print the pattern. He asked for a proper code with correct syntax. There was an editor on that platform where he was giving me the questions, and I was writing the code.
  3. Then he told me to write a program to create a singly linked list and write a function to find the 3rd last node of a linked list.
  4. Then he asked me about abstract class, interface, and inheritance and told me to write a code to demonstrate them.

The coding part was over here…

He then asked me about my family and all. We talked a bit about all those then he asked me questions from DBMS like what are attributes, types, and definition of keys and then he gave me the to write two queries. I was stuck at the 2nd one, and he helped me.

Then he asked me what else subjects I have prepared for. I said OS and CN.

The 1st question he asked me from CN I was unaware of that. So I told him I don’t know this and mentioned the topics that I have prepared from CN. Then he asked me about IP addressing and IPv4 IPv6.

And from OS he asked me about the steps for deadlock prevention.

After this, he said that he is done and asked me if I have any questions for him. So I asked him 1 or 2 question was ready with he answered them and then the interview was over.

After 3 4 days I got the mail for the link and scheduled time of the Level 2 Technical Interview.  

Round 4 (Level 2 Technical Interview): In this round again I joined at the scheduled time and the interviewer was already there. After formal greetings, he asked me to tell about myself. Then he asked me about Polymorphism and overloading and overriding. Then he asked me what is Method overloading. And then he asked me to write a code for a given question. The question was based on method overloading and overriding and inheritance. Then he gave another written code and asked me to explain the code step by step and tell him the output. That code was also on inheritance only where he basically wanted to see my knowledge about how classes and objects work.

Then he asked me to write 2 queries. He provided me the tables and asked me to perform some tasks. The answer to one of the queries was wrong, but he said the approach was right. After that, he asked me questions from DSA like what is stack, infix, prefix, and all. Then asked me to implement a stack using queues. Then he moved to the tree and asked me about different types of traversal techniques and types of DFS and their definitions. Then he drew a tree on the Editor and asked me to tell it in Inorder, preorder, and postorder form.

Then he asked me if I have any questions for him, I said no. He seemed surprised by my answer and told me the results of this interview will be given shortly, I can leave. I got nervous and I realized I made a mistake by not asking any question but I still left. Then I searched on Google and found that if an interviewer asks you if you have any question for him it is very important to ask him a question. I started losing hope, I thought I am not going to make it to the HR round. AT 8 PM on that day only a call came from HR, and he asked me if I can give the interview right now. I asked him to give me 1hour as my laptop was not available to me at that time. He then scheduled the time for the next day.

Round 5(HR interview): This round was like a formality. It was just a 10min interview. He was very friendly. He asked me about myself and asked about my previous interview experiences. Then he wrote a few words and asked me to pronounce them. Then he asked about my family and kind of gossiped for a bit. Basically here they want to see how well you can speak. And then the last question he asked is if I had given 50lakhs INR to spend in a week, how would I spend it. The best answer to this question is to mention that you will invest it in yourself. And then he asked me if I have any questions for him, and without repeating the same mistake I asked him a question. Then he said the results would be given by that day only, and he assured me that the result was going to be positive for me. And at 11 PM I got the mail that I am in the Final Selection List.         

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