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Persistent Systems Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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Round 1: Aptitude Round

It was held on the AMCAT platform and it was an easy round as quants weren’t part of the aptitude test and there were two easy coding problems to solve but some of the test cases of 2nd question were not passing so, I am able to solve the first question fully and second one partially.

Round 2: Technical Interview Round 1

Time: 30-35 mins

  1. Tell me about yourself (In the introduction itself I give some brief about my project)
  2. OOPs (Polymorphism, Access Specifier, How can we achieve access specifier in c++, Constructors and its types, destructors)
  3. Pattern printing with code and explanation
  4. Quick Sort only approach
  5. BFS/DFS for trees
  6. Stack using queue or Queue using stack (anyone only with approach)
  7. Hub vs Switch
  8. If you type and if you are not able to reach that site, so tell me some troubleshooting steps you would perform
  9. Normalization
  10. Some query’s
  11. Keys
  12. Tell me about software testing
  13. Tell me how you can test the Youtube website (so I gave him some different edge cases over which I’ve test this site).

There wasn’t any TR 2

Round 3: HR

  • It was a 100 question web proctored test (all were HR basic questions) but in the mail, they say that we have only 20 minutes to solve this but there was no timer and also the camera open so, I take 25-30 minutes and some of my friends even take 35 minutes.


  • My final tip is that you have to be confident about your answer and also be vocal.
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Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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