Persistent Systems Interview Experience (On-Campus 2021 Batch)

Round 1 : Online Test

The first round consisted of two parts :

a) Objective round : This was a 50 minutes test that comprised of MCQ’s on Operating systems, Computer Architecture, DBMS, Computer Networks, English Comprehension and Logical reasoning.

b) Subjective round : This was a 45 minutes Automata test in which you have to solve few coding questions.

Round 2 : Technical Interview

This was an online interview that was held on Amcat smartmeet platform. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me about my projects and how I would upgrade them and my role and responsibilities in making the project which was followed by the following technical questions :

  • Explain the concept of OOPS.
  • Difference between C++ and Java.
  • Why do we do Normalization?
  • What is Bubble sort?
  • What is Inner join and Outer Join?
  • Difference between Abstract class and Interface.
  • Explain Access Specifiers in Java.
  • How to access protected method outside a class?
  • Difference between constant and static in Java.

Then in the end he asked if I had questions for him.

TIP : Prepare well in Java, OOPS, DBMS and Puzzles. I was not asked any puzzles but many of my friends were.

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