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Persistent Systems is a technology services company providing excellent software delivery to it’s client. The company works on multiple spheres of technology and gaining a good momentum in the market in the previous years.

The hiring process for persistent is completed in 3 exhaustive steps, testing the capabilities of the students at its best. The minimum CGPA of 6.5  without any backlog is the only requirement for appearing in the test.

The selection procedure consists of 3 stages. A MCQ test followed by coding round and then the final interview.

Round 1:Written test

The written test comprimes of topics from core cs and include subjects such as Operating system, Computer Network, Data Structures and algorithm and others including logical reasoning and aptitude.

Along with the MCQ’s it also includes a question to write a passage and a coding question in C/Java depending on the conditions for the question.

The difficulty level varies from medium to hard. The test duration is 90min 

Round 2:Coding Round

If scored well in the written test, the candidate gets a chance to appear for the coding interview.
Coding round includes questions based on algorithms and data structure in your language of choice.

The test duration is 90 min.

The candidate must pass all the test cases to qualify. The difficulty level medium.

Round 3:Technical Interview and HR

The interview may have 2 rounds atmost lasting for an hour. The interviewer focuses on the depth of the concepts of the candidate. Pay special attention to your projects and internships they act as a booster for the applicant.

the interviewer may/may not ask to make a program based on topics in DSA.

After successful completion of technical round you finally get to visit the HR. If all goes well then congrats you scored a CHICKEN DINNER.


That’s it folks. Work hard and you might slide your way into persistent systems.


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