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Persistent Systems Interview Experience (Off-Campus 2020)

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  • Last Updated : 09 Feb, 2021
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There were three rounds:

  1. Online test 
  2. Technical Round
  3. Human Resource Round

Round 1 (Online Test): The First Round was an online test of Aptitude and Coding. Aptitude was moderate. The Test was on AMCAT. There were 2 coding questions>

  1. Given a binary array and there were some operations to perform on array elements and print out resultant array, this question was based on bit manipulation.
  2. Given an array count no of perfect squares in the array.

I had done both coding questions and half of aptitude questions. I got invite for TR after 7 days.

Round 2 (Technical Round 1 for 30 minutes): The interviewer was very polite first he asked me to introduce myself me after that he started with questions. He was asking questions section wise manner first he asked questions from Networking and the form Programming Languages I had mentioned in resume C/CPP and Java and then from SQL, RDBMS questions.

He then asked me how would you handle scenarios like:

  1. What would you do if you stuck somewhere in project you are working on having deadline Today.
  2. How would you prioritize between projects given to you?

I answered most of the questions and interviewer was also seemed satisfied with my performance. Later that evening I got invite for next Technical Round.

Technical Round 2 (1 hr 30 minutes): Technical Round 2 was toughest from all rounds. First He asked me to introduce myself. He asked questions from Networking, Language related question from C/CPP and Java, SQL, RDBMS questions tougher ones.

Then he asked me to solve two programming questions.

  1. One was to sort array based on frequency of elements same frequency elements appear in order same as given array.
  2. This was based on growth problem given rats that live for 3 years 1 yr old rats give birth to 2 newborns and 2 yr old give birth to 3 newborns in one year and 3 yr old dies. Calculate population of rats after N year given initial no of the newborn (X).

Questions needed to be solved on AMCAT online compiler.

Then He asked me two puzzles 

  1. Given 3 liter and 5-liter jars and an infinite amount of water measure 4 liters accurately.
  2. Determine the fastest horse among 25 horses by testing 5 horses at a time in minimum rounds possible.

I answered most of technical questions and I explained the approach to both questions but couldn’t clear all test cases. The interviewer was not very happy with my performance but I still was able to clear the threshold and later that evening I got invite for next round.

Round 3 Human Resources Round (15 minutes): This was the easiest one. He congratulates me for clearing the interview and asked me to introduce myself, and then he asked few questions

  1. What is your batch ?
  2. When can you join ?
  3. Why do you want to switch ?
  4. What is your notice period?

And after that, he told me few things about the job. I got the offer in a week.

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