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Persistent Systems Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2020

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2021
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Round 1(Technical Test of 45 minutes Duration): After successfully filling all the details I received an email regarding an online exam which was held on 10 December 2020 on the AMCAT platform. The test was an MCQ based on questions from subjects such as DBMS, Data Structures, Operating Systems (ENTIRE SUBJECT), Computer Networks, and OOPs Concepts.

I have prepared all the subjects only basic knowledge is required. So overall this exam was easy and the ones who prepare the above-mentioned subjects well will be able to make it.  After this, we had a logical reasoning section, comprised of questions that are easily available in RS Agarwal Reasoning book, so practice it well. As far as my performance is concerned I did take time in doing these questions since they were lengthy. The third section in the test was English for which I cannot judge how exactly my test went but I’m pretty sure you will be able to do it.

Round 2(Coding Section Duration 45 minutes): This is a combined section so when you are done with your technical section MCQs you will be directed to the coding part. There were two problems. Both the question was based on arrays and string you can choose the language of your choice. The first problem was based on finding the number of vowels from an input array (space separated). There were in total 15 test cases out of which 2 are visible to you. I was able to pass 115 test cases in total and then I moved on to the next code. The second problem was comparatively time taking and but it’s also very easy and I solved both the question. It was based on sorting as well as arranging the elements of the array. The total number of test cases was 12 and I passed all the test cases.

Round 3(Technical Interview Level 1 Duration 30 minutes): After 7 days, (17 December 2020) I received an email for being shortlisted for the Technical level 1 interview which was to be held on 18th December 2020. So I had exactly 18 hours to study. All the subjects mentioned above in the technical assessment were a part of the interview syllabus. Primarily I studied DBMS and Java for interviews which are mandatory. The interview was held at 1:45 pm on 18th November on the Smart meet platform (virtual) and the following were the questions:

  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. So, after that, he had asked about my project.(Explain in Detail)
  3. He had asked about me that you have done any internship.(I told that no )
  4. Which programming language are you comfortable in? (I Choose JAVA)
  5. What is encapsulation?
  6. What is polymorphism?
  7. So, the next question was method overloading and overriding in java. 
  8. Different types of Access modifiers.
  9. What are an Abstract class and its characteristics?
  10. Define the Final keyword.(two times asked)
  11. Can we call a constructor class more than one times and Why.
  12. Why string is immutable in java.
  13. What is a singleton?
  14. Now, he asked me Do you know DBMS.(I told YES)
  15. So tell me, Group, By clause.
  16. Difference between Delete and Drop.
  17. What is Join and what Different types of join? (Explain in Detail)

Any Questions for me?

  • I asked one question: When should I accept the result of these Interviews.

So, he said right now I can’t say HR will let you know.

Round 4 (Technical Interview Level 2 Duration 45 to 50 minutes): Next day at 12:33 pm I got another mail stating that  I was shortlisted for the second technical round which was scheduled at 5:40 pm (Same day) on 19th December 2020.


  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. Which programming language are you comfortable in? (I Choose JAVA)
  3. So, he has given one program(Program to Check Whether a Number is Prime or Not)
  4. After that he has given 4 SQL Queries.(Create, Insert, Update and Duplicate)Data has already given.
  5. Then he asked Do you know Data Structure(I said not that much)
  6. Oh, tell me what is the difference between Array and Linked list.

After that sir, told any question for me: I asked what are the improvements that you want in me so that it will be beneficial for me and I can be proved a better asset for the company?

Round 5 (HR Interview 15 minutes Duration): So for this, I was informed on the next day (22th November 2020) that too hardly one hour before the start of the interview. So keep on checking your emails. The interview was scheduled for 15 minutes but it took only 5 minutes only. 


  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. In which domain you want to work.
  3. Any Certification Course have you Done?

Then he said Congratulation you are selected for the  Persistent System. After two days, 24th December 2020, I got a mail that I have been selected, and then they sent the offer letter on 15th of Jan 2021, and they mentioned the DOJ which was 20th Jan 2021.

So Let me tell you all that GeeksforGeeks is one of the best portals which helped me a lot for my interviews. And guys be very confident and honest in your answers, stay positive. Remember one thing: They need employees, so they are definitely there to select you. Prepare well and make it to the company!

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