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Persistent Systems Interview Experience | Campus Accelerator Hiring Model FY 20-21 For SIH Winners

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  • Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2021

Hello, I’m here to share my interview experience with you guys. We have participated in SIH 2020 Software Edition and winners for the same. As Persistent Systems is a sponsor for SIH 2020 the directly gives us chance to participate in this special recruitment process. For this, the first round was advanced coding which is having two questions and the time is 1 hour. I was not able to solve both the questions but I have partially solved one of them. So after some days, I got mail that I’m shortlisted for a technical interview and I started preparing for the same.

On the day of the interview, I was a little nervous, the interview was on their platform named Smartmeet. As my interview started I greet the interviewer, and then he started asking me questions. The first question was introduced about yourself, then he asks me about my final year project, but he didn’t ask me any question about it. Then he asked me about our SIH project, he gave me access to the whiteboard present on the platform and asked me to explain the project in detail. I explained the project very well nearly for 15-20 mins. He was satisfied and understood the whole concept. 

Then he asked me about my knowledge in programming languages, I told him I’m good at python, so he gave me a code to check whether the string is palindrome or not and asked me to solve it. I wrote a code for it and explained it to him. Then he moves towards oops and asked me some basic questions like what is polymorphism and encapsulation. Then he asked me which is better TCP or UDP, next question was related to os, he asked me which is a more efficient thread or process? After that, he asked me some basic questions related to the database and I answered them, he asked me to write the syntax for the trigger, then what is a primary and foreign key and what is join and when it is used. Then he moved towards data structures and asked me about arrays and how to delete an element from an array. Then he said that I’m done, do you have any questions, so I asked him any suggestions for me, he said not required, so I understood that he was satisfied. The overall duration of the interview was 40 mins. I answered nearly all the questions, don’t be nervous the interview is to hire you not to reject you so be confident in your answers.

On the same day, I got mail that I’m shortlisted for the HR round and my interview was scheduled for the next day. HR interview was just a formal discussion with HR, he asked me to introduce myself and about my project that’s it. It lasts for only 10 mins. And HR told me that you will get your result in 2/3 days, and also told me that be positive and hope for the best, don’t worry. Both the technical and HR interviewer were nice and friendly. After 2/3 days I got my result, and I was selected.

So brush up on your projects and prepare the basics of OOPS, DSA, CN, OS, DBMS. They ask only basic so clear all your concepts and be confident.

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