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Persistent Systems Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 05 Apr, 2021

I am sharing my interview experience with persistent systems, pune.

#Dream Company

Round 1: First round is on MCQs and 1 problem statement to run(Don’t remember 1 or 2).

  • I haven’t shortlisted in the first shortlisted student list for second round.#Hard_to_digest
  • I think after 2 to 3 months later we got mail from our TPO sir that we are shortlisted for second round.#curious

Round 2(Technical interview level 1): Time- 20th march 2021 3.15 pm. I was 5 min late due to technical issue with the link. He was like-“I was about to wide up this session if you have not joined within 2 min”.#Dev_Manus

Questions(Compulsory Introduction Question):

  1. Rate java c cpp SQL on scale of 1 to 5(As a developer not theoretically)
  2. Types of different class loaders
  3. What does bootstrap class loader does and some cross questions on that
  4. Doubly linked list creation(Need to type the code of structure in chat box)
  5. Doubly linked list addition at last (Need to write the logic of function in chat box)
  6. Find 4th highest salary(Effective Ans needed)
  7. Call by reference and call by value diff
  8. Database lang
  9. DCL commands
  10. Commit rollback commands

At the last he asked me do you have any questions

I : do you think that as a developer I need to improve in myself.

Him : You need to focus on commenting and documentation of the code

( After some discussion on that )

I : I will definitely work on it sir.

Him : ok,I am done with the interview.

I : Thank you sir for your precious time.Sorry for your inconvenience. May I leave this meet ?

Him : Dont blame yourself. Sure, Thanks.

It took about 55 to 58 min to complete the interview.

The interviewer was very gentle.

On that day I got the mail that I have been shortlisted for level 2 interview.

Round 3(Technical interview level 2): Time- 21th march 2021 1.30 pm


  1. Introduction
  2. Which languages do you love.(Ans- CPP and Python. Immediately he presented a platform where one problem statement is given to solve(Python). There are three lists given having different string in all of them. You have to print the common strings in all of them if not any print -1. You need to create your own test case(I/p and o/p) to test the ans. Done with code in 5 min. No cross questions.
  3. Last semester subjects. (Unpredictable que). I was able to tell only 4 of them. After that he was like I am done with the interview do you have any question. I was unable to think to something because there in only one question asked. I said no then he left the meet. Felt like I was rejected. #Fully_Furstrated. Day after tomorrow morning I got the mail that I have selected for HR round.

Round 3 (Final round): HR interview Time- 25th march 2021 9.00 am

Poor network connection.

Her: Good Morning.

I: Very good morning mam.

She instantly smiled back.


  1. Introduction and what you have studied in your curriculum.
  2. About Family background
  3. Asked about hobbies.(Ans- Playing volleyball and working at farm.)
  4. What did you learn from farming.
  5. Job location preference (Goa, Bangalore, Nagpur, pune) :Ans- pune
  6. What did if you don’t get your preferred location.(Ans – I am ready and able to work at any location mam.)
  7. Have you done any External courses or certification.(After that she was like – You are very good at academics and done a lot of in your curriculum. You are selected. The offer letter and package details will be communicated with you later.)
  8. Do you have any questions for me? I asked about if she has any suggestion on suggestion which point, I need any improvement. She told me to work on your verbal and written skills. She asked one more question after it.
  9. Do you having any offer letter in your hand.(Ans- Webtech devp pune for an job role dev.)
  10. How much they are offering to you?
  11. One most expected question after it. Why do want to join this company.

At the end she said congratulations. I said thank you and asked an permission to leave the meet.

After 7 to 8 days Our TPO sir told me that I got selected……#HAPPY

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