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Persistent Systems Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2020

I would like to share my experience of being interviewed by Persistent at our campus placement recently.

The whole process can be divided into:

  • Technical test – 60 minutes, 60 questions
  • Essay writing – 10 minutes
  • Program writing – 20 minutes
  • Technical Interview
  • HR interview

Technical test (60 questions, 60 minutes): Approximately 45 – 50 questions were on Technical subjects like C, C++, Java, Data Structures, Computer Networks, OS, Databases. 10 – 15 questions on reasoning & quantitative aptitude. QA questions were from topics like Pipes and Cisterns, Trains, Time & Distance, Work & Time, Profit and Loss.

Essay Writing (10 minutes): This section came as a bit of a surprise to us. They asked us to write an essay on one of the topics provided by them. The topics were usually from current affairs. It is important to get your grammar and punctuation right in essay as that is what they check here. If you write less, it is OK but whatever you write must be grammatically correct. Treat this as a test of your written communication skills.

Program writing (20 minutes): After this, we were given 2 programs to write – Arrays is one of their favourite topics. So, make sure that you are thorough with arrays and can write effective programs on them.

Technical Interview:

  1. Most of the questions in the technical interview were from Data Structures, C, C++ and Java. Make sure that you are thorough with your Programming and DS part.
  2. They can even ask you to write some DBMS queries.
  3. You can expect some questions on your project but not too many.

HR Interview: The HR Round is quite simple. If you manage to crack the written test and perform well in the technical interview, there won’t be much problem in this round.

At all times, it is important to be confident but humble.

I hope this helps some of my friends out there in making it through their campus placement for Persistent.

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