Persistent Systems Interview Experience

Round 1: 60 MCQ on data structures and algorithms, DBMS and networking.

Round 2: 40 min online coding test. It had 1 question from DS and Algo. The question was quite easy as it was from Dynamic Programming. Due to the rigorous practice of DP questions from Geek for Geeks, things became quite easy. I am very much thankful to geek for geeks for their hard work in putting all the required study materials at one place.

Round 3: Online technical interview with a Technical Head who asked questions from Advanced DS and Algo. I was asked 3 questions. Range Minimum Query, Minimum Cost Path and count inversion problem.

Round 4: Online interview with Senior Technical Lead at Persistent who asked questions from my projects, internships and two DS questions. One was based upon Binary Indexed Tree and the other was based upon Stack and Queues. Also he gave me a scenario to design a database structure for an E-Commerce website. This was done to check my eligibility for higher package.

Lastly, I received a call from the HR who asked me about my internships, family background and ended by congratulating me for getting selected for a higher package job.

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