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Persistent System (Martian Program) Interview Experience 2022

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It was campus hiring and The recruitment process is slightly changed at that time when I applied in 2022.

Firstly a Martian program exam was conducted and whoever passed in that Martian program examination become a Martian and then after becoming a Martian a training of 1 month gets started which contains learning of different important subjects like :

  • Computer Networks
  • DBMS
  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Operating System
  • Programming Language   

After you complete your modules there will be an assignment called Martian Assessment. Who soever clears that assessment will get the chance for interviews. Also, if you have good marks in the martian assessment, you will go through another test called Advanced Coding Round through which you are eligible for higher packages.


  • L1 Interview (Difficulty – Easy)
  • L2 Interview (Difficulty – Medium)
  • HR Round

Interview Experience L1 (Duration – 25 – 30 min): The interview was held on the platform smartinternz interviewer joined on time and he was super friendly. He introduced himself and then questions go by as follows-

  • Introduce your self
  • Which programming language you are comfortable with?     
  • Coding question  arr = [1,0,3,2,0,4,9,0,5,0,7]  OUTPUT = 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,0,0,0,0
  • SQL query to implement right outer join
  • OPPS – Pillars of OPPS, Polymorphism(static and dynamic)
  • OSI model in Networking
  • Tell me about your projects
  • A little bit about project deployment on the cloud as I am from a cloud computing background.
  • General Questions like Hobbies and Little bit about my home town Agra.

That was all for the 1st technical interview. After approximately 10 days I got a mail from the company that you have progressed to the L2 round which is the 2nd technical round.   

Interview Experience L2 (Duration mentioned was 25 min but it went on for 45 min): The interview was taken by the more senior member of the company and the difficulty of the round was a bit higher than L1. 

At the very beginning of my introduction, I mentioned that I have an interest in DevOps and the interviewer straight away questioned me on Devops I was not able to answer properly as I have not studied DevOps yet. At that point, of time my confidence was a little shaken but I didn’t panic. Then the normal flow of the interview was resumed.

  • He asked me about my preferred language and as soon as I mentioned python he presented me with a question based on the regular expression. 
  • To be really honest I was not expecting a regular expression question in an interview but it is what it is. Initially, I felt nervous but I hold my nerves and began to solve that question, finally, I solved the question. As soon as I finished that question. He presented me with another coding question.     
  • Count the number of occurrences of characters in a string.     
  • I solved that question and then he moved on to the puzzle.
  • There is a bag of rice given to us and we need to get 1 Kilogram of rice from it but we have only a common balance with two pans, some vessels, and a 1 gm weight. What is the least weight we need to carry to get 1 Kg of rice?                
  • Why do we need connections? can we communicate without connections?
  • Then he asked me about some signals and to date I am not able to understand which signal he was talking about. LOL.    

this concludes my second round of technical interviews and I asked for feedback which he said will be shared by HR. After 10,12 days I got mail for an HR interview.

Interview Experience HR (Duration 15 min): First of all be patient sometime interviewers join late due to previous interviews. My interviewer joined just 2 min before my time was supposed to end. He introduced himself and his question was like – 

  • Introduce yourself
  • Your Family Background
  • Your certification
  • Your Projects
  • Any plans for higher studies
  • What domain you would prefer to work on
  • What if you don’t get your desired domain
  • What is your preferred location and what if you don’t get it
  • Would you be able to work the shifts
  • Any questions for me

After 2 weeks I got a mail from my placement cell that I am selected for Persistent Systems. Happiness All Around!

Verdict – Selected.

Tips – 

  • Prepare your basics well
  • Should have explicit knowledge of core CS fundamentals
  • Should have basic knowledge of programming language and OPPS concepts.
  • Don’t panic if you get any unexpected questions, take your time and try to solve it
  • Don’t lose your confidence. Communicate confidently.
  • Have some thorough knowledge of your projects.
  • Don’t mention anything which you are not 100% sure of
  • Prepare well and stay calm.

@Persistent System

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Last Updated : 03 Oct, 2022
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