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Persistent System Interview experience ( On Campus Drive July-August 2019)

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It was a 4 round process consisting of a written test, 2 technical and an HR interview.

Round 1 ( Written Test )

First they conducted an MCQ based test of about 50 questions. These questions were of aptitude, reasoning, Basic C language and of engineering subjects such as Computer Network, OS, Computer Architecture, DBMS.

This round requires basic knowledge of your Engineering Subjects. Results of this round were announced after 10 days and after few days of result, their officials visited campus for further rounds.

Round 2 ( Technical Interview Round 1 )

This round was basically a Problem Solving Round (Pen – Paper). They were testing problem solving approach. In my case, interviewer told me to write code and explain it. Some of the problems were:

1. To remove particular Node from a Linked List

2. Calculate number of distinct characters in a given string

They were also asking about Standard Library functions, if you use any of them in your code. In my case, I used map() in second question, so they asked how it will work during program execution.

Round 3 ( Technical Interview Round 2 )

 In this Round, they were testing technical knowledge and all questions were from engineering subjects. Some of them were:

1. Deadlock prevention ( Bankers Algorithm ) { Operating System }

2. OSI model { Computer Network }

3. Port numbers { Computer Network }

4. SQL queries { DBMS }

As my whole technical interview (Round 1 + 2 in one go) was taken by one of senior faculty of interviewing team, so, he declared my result of technical round on spot and forwarded my resume for HR round.

Round 4 ( HR Round )

This was the last round of whole selection process and what I noticed that this was just to check your English. They asked general HR questions like,

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Where do you live

3. Whats your father’s profession and about your family

4. Strength and Weakness

5. What if I reject you in this round 

This round was just a normal round because they rejected none of us who qualified for HR round. It means their main focus was on your technical knowledge. 

And after sometime, they announced the result and I was one of them who got selected. It was the happiest moment.

Hope this will help the future aspirants… All the best…

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Last Updated : 28 Jul, 2020
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