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Perl vs Java
  • Last Updated : 06 Mar, 2019

Perl was developed in 1987 by Larry Wall. Perl Supports object-oriented as well as procedural programming. It is a lot like C and C++. Perl was originally developed for text processing.

Java is one of the widely used programming language. Not only Java is a programming language but also a computing platform. Java was released by Sun Microsystems in 1995 which was initiated by James Gosling. According to Oracle java runs on 3 billion devices worldwide. It is intended to let developers to WRITE ONCE, RUN ANYWHERE, meaning a Java program can be compiled in one platform and executed in any other platform having JVM.

Below are some major differences between Perl and Java

Introduction“Perl is a general-purpose high-level language popular for CGI scripts. Some of the popular projects in Perl are CPanel and Bugzilla. It was initially designed to replace complex shell scripts.Java is a programming language and a computing platform. Still there are softwares and websites that won’t work unless you have java installed. It is fast, secure and reliable.”
Compiled FormatPerl 6 is specifically compiled to Parrot Bytecode, while Perl 5 and older versions are interpreted language. It is stored with extension .pbc.Java programs are compiled to bytecode.
Java bytecode can be shared through the network and then can be executed on any machine having JVM. It is stored with extension .class.
Associative ArraysAssociative Arrays are defined very concisely for Perl.Java does not have a concise way of creating associative arrays. However it hash implementations.
FocusCommon tasks such as file scanning and report generation are accentuately supported by Perl.Java mostly focuses on application development, software tools, server app, and big data technologies.
File ExtensionPerl programs are saved with .pl extension.
Java programs are saved with .java extension.
Typed MethodPerl is dynamically typed i.e. most of the type checking is performed during run time.Java is statically typed i.e. most of its type checking is performed during compile time.
Comments and DocumentationInline comments in Perl are written using #
E.g. #Inline-Comment in Perl

Documentation in Perl is done using = and =cut.
Eg: =Perl Documentation follows the following syntax =cut

Single line comments in Java are declared using //
Eg: //Single line Comment .

Multiline comments are written using /*……*/
Eg: /* it’s a multiline comment */

Documentation in Java is done using.

/**Documentation in Java*/

End of StatementIn Perl every statement must end with a semi-colon(;)In Java every statement must end with a semi-colon(;)

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