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Perl | Useful Hash functions

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A hash is a set of key-value pairs. Perl stores elements of a hash such that it searches for the values based on its keys. Perl provides various functions to perform operations on Hashes, such as to return values of the hash, to delete elements from a hash, etc.

# Initializing hash  
%hash1 = ('Welcome' => 10, 'to' => 20, 'Geeks' => 80);  
# To delete the List passed as parameter 
$deleted_element = delete($hash1{'to'}); 
# Printing elements of Hash  
print "$hash1{'Welcome'}\n";  
print "$hash1{'to'}\n";  
print "$hash1{'Geeks'}\n";  
# Printing the deleted element 
print "Deleted element: $deleted_element"



Deleted element: 20

Some useful functions for hash operations in Perl are listed below:

values()Returns the list of all the values stored in a Hash
keys()Returns all the keys of the HASH as a list
each()Returns a Two-element list consisting of the key and value pair in List context and key for the next element when called in scalar context
delete()Used to delete the specified keys and their associated values from a hash, or the specified elements in the case of an array
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Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2019
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