Performance of paging

In this article, we are going to cover the performance of paging and will also cover the expression for evaluating paging performance. Let’s discuss one by one.

Pre-requisite –Paging in Operating System

Performance of Paging :
Evaluating of paging performance is one of the important tasks. Consider the main memory access time is M and the page table is stored in the main memory then the evaluating expression for effective memory access time is as follows.

Effective Memory Access Time (E.M.A.T) = 2M

Features of Performance of Paging :

  • Translation lookaside buffer(TLB) is added to improve the performance of paging.
  • The TLB is a hardware device implemented using associative registers.
  • TLB access time will be very less compared to the main memory access time.
  • TLB contains frequently referred page numbers and corresponding frame numbers.

Now, let’s see the diagram given below of the performance of paging for a better understanding.

Evaluating Expression for the performance of paging :

Consider the TLB access time is ‘c’. And the TLB hit ratio is ‘x’ then the Evaluating Expression for the performance of paging is as follows.

Effective Memory Access Time (E.M.A.T) with TLB
= x(c+m) + (1-x) (c + 2 m)

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