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Perfios Interview Experience for SDE Full Time (On-Campus)

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Perfios conducted Recruitment Drive across many colleges here in Bangalore. 

The process contained 4 rounds.

  1. Coding Test
  2. F2F Technical Interview I
  3. F2F Technical Interview II
  4. Managerial Round

Coding Test: The coding test was a fair easy with classic DSA Interview Questions. The questions were from String, Array(Two Pointers), Linked List, and a Tree question.

You can easily practice these questions here on GeeksForGeeks.

Face to Face Interview I: Due to COVID, every interview these days is going online.  Well, I got shortlisted from the Coding Round and the F2F Interview was scheduled after two days after the Coding Round.

The Interviewer was very relaxed and made me feel comfortable before getting on to the actual test. He asked about me, my interest, hobbies, and stuff. Then came the Questions

  1. The first question was a basic Math implementation problem To find whether a point resides inside a Triangle with coordinates given, nothing algorithmic, he was just curious about my Math abilities. Although I had kind of forgotten about geometry, since it’s been a long time, He gave me hints which helped me move forward.
  2. The second question was a standard Linked List Question which is To find a duplicate element in and N+1  elements. I had solved this question before, so I came to the efficient approach after stating the brute force and alternative approaches as well. (

After which, he pulled up my Resume and since he is working as a Backend Engineer, he asked some really tricky questions on  REST API and NodeJS, because I had gotten my hands dirty in Web-Dev, his questions intrigued me and I happily answered the questions.

He was convinced about my Development experience and asked me to give feedback about the interview. 

Face to Face Interview II: The interviewer directly jumped to the question of which was a direct Cycle Sort Question, although I hadn’t heard about this type of sorting, which was clearly evident to him during the time, I did manage to come up with an alternative, yet not quite efficient solutions. He himself told me that he wasn’t quite expecting the candidate to know Cycle Sort and just wanted to see how far I can go. 

Later on, he too asked for many JavaScript and project experience with team members. 

During which he managed to throw another String question, since we had only 5 mins left on the clock, he just asked whether I could solve this or not. I tried but sadly, I didn’t. 

Anyways, I got shortlisted for the Managerial Round. 

Managerial Round: We were notified before that this round wouldn’t affect the Hiring Decision, it was just that the CTO of Perfios himself wanted to talk with us. So he asked about me, and Why Perfios, typical HR Questions. He then asked me whether I had any questions for him. I asked about the Company itself and the potential competitors in the market. We had a good 5 min chat and, at last. 

Final Verdict: I got selected. XD


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Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2021
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