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People Strong Interview Experience for Associate Software Developer 2021

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Total 110 students appeared for People Strong recruitment process, Out of which 15 were selected. The process involved a total of three rounds. I will try to walk you through my experience and also give you some tips/advice for each round.

Round 1: Online Test

  • It was conducted on the TaleScale platform. 3 coding questions were asked.
  • Short Description: This round consisted of three coding questions. The webcam was ON during the process.
  • there were three coding questions. The first question was easy, the second was medium, and the third was hard. I was able to solve 2 of them.
  • The First question is from bit manipulation (easy)
  • The second question is from dynamic programming (DP).
  • The third is from mixed topics like DP + backtracking + array type
  • Questions are like CP type of questions.

Tips for this round: 

  • You must be very good at coding and do a little bit of CP.
  • Stay calm at the time of test . Just do your best.

Round 2: Technical Interview

Time: 1 hour

  • The interviewer introduced himself by describing his role at People Strong before asking me “tell me something about yourself”.
  • Then she first asks some questions from theory subjects like OS, DBMS, OOPS.
  • Tell me something about drop and truncate in DDL.
  • Difference between normal methods and constructors.
  • What is data abstraction and why do we need it? 
  • Then interviewer moved to some coding problems: problem)
  • I was supposed to tell approach first. I told the approach and the interviewer was satisfied with my approach then the interviewer asked me code for it.
  • Again after some time I told the approach and the interviewer was quite satisfied with my approach then I code it.

Tips for this round: 

  • Study DSA thoroughly.
  • Prepare the core subjects (DBMS, Operating System, OOPS).
  • Be confident and accept your mistake humbly if you don’t know a few answers or you tell wrong answers.

Round 3: Technical Interview

Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

here also first I told the brute force approach then optimized it and wrote code for it.


  • Practice as many coding problems as you can. More focus on Arrays , Strings , Recursion , Backtracking and Dynamic programming.
  • Be confident in your approach and tell the approach to the interviewer like you are telling it to your friend.  focus more on implementation part.
  • Accept your mistakes humbly.

Note: The most important thing is just to keep faith in yourself , It was not my first interview . Before this I got rejected in the interviews of more than 5 companies. Just believe in yourself and keep hustling.

Verdict: Selected

Good Luck

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Last Updated : 18 Oct, 2021
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