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Pegasystems Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2021

Hello, Please find below the interview experience for Pegasystems. So far there is no interview experience for this company on GfG. So, this will help students a lot.

Pegasystems visted our campus in September 2021 for Campus recruitment. The selection process was online assessment followed by 4 interviews.

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Online Test(1hour 30min): 20 MCQ’s: Related to OOPS, javascript, Java, input-output ques, Aptitude.

3 Coding questions:

  1. Largest triangular subsequence
  2. Check Prime number
  3. XOR Problem

About 30 students shortlisted after online test.

Round 1(Technical – 70 min): Introduction followed by 3 Easy level coding questions from Strings, Linkedlist and Hashmap. Only provided approach using an example test case.

  • Discussion related to my projects. Why I preferred to use that framework
  • My preferred langauage was Java. So she asked questions related to Java. How hashmaps work in Java. Memory management . Exception handling. what is concurrency and how it can be achieved. use of Volatile keyword in Java. Explain OOPS concepts . OSI model and its working. 1 puzzle.
  • PS: prepare the language-related concepts and OOPS concepts well.

Round 2(Technical – 60 min): 3 coding questions from Linkedlist, String, Arrays. Explain approach using test case and write pseudocode.

  • 1-2 puzzle question.
  • Explain project in detail.Questions related to project.
  • Explain OOPS concept using only real world example and not using any technical terminology.
  • Time space complexity trade-off
  • Example where space complexity is our priority rather than time complexity.
  • JRE JVM.

Round3(Director Round – 60 min): Discussion about my projects and ques related to my project.

  • Gave some scenarios related to my project and asked how to implement cart when there multiple users adding the same item. (I gave a few approaches for solving it, then he asked me to further improve the customer experience using some business logic in it)
  • Ques from socket programming as my project was using it.

Round 4(HR Round – 20 min): Intro about me and family background. 

  • Reason why this job is important to you.
  • Why this company over other companies.
  • How do you justify year drop from GATE prepration.

Then finally he says Congratulations we are happy to extend a Job offer from PegaSystems.  

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