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Payu Interview Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus)

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Recently Payu came for recruitment in our college.

Hiring Process : Online Test + 3 Technical Rounds + HR Round.

Position : Software Engineer

Online Coding Round (1 hr):
There were 5 coding Questions. All of us got different sets. Most of the Questions were based on standard Dynamic Programming like 0-1 knapsack etc. For each Question a testcase with complete explanation was given.

I attempted only 3 Questions.

1. All possible ways to construct buildings in the plots such that there is a space between any 2 buildings.

2. Print Preorder traversal when Inorder and Postorder traversal are given.

3. One Question based on Kadane’s Algorithm.

Only 5 people were shortlisted after this round.
Luckily i was able to get the highest score.

Round 1 (~1:15 hr):

Introduce yourself.
Then, Discussion on projects, resume, internship.

1. Sort Array of 0s and 1s in one traversal.

2. Check whether two given strings are anagram or not.

3. Best dataStructure for implementing Dictionary
I said Trie and explained basic Functionality like insertion,deletion and searching can be done in O(n) time where n is length of the word to be processed.


5. Basic Questions on Stack like time complexity of Push(),Pop().
Then, Best case and worst case time complexity of finding Maximum from stack.
How to find Max in O(1) from stack.

Then, 2nd interviewer came.

6. Level Order Tree Traversal
and BFS,Queues

7. Zig zag traversal


For each Question both of them were looking for the most optimal solution in terms of space as well as time.
They asked me to write the pseudocode for 1 or 2 questions. They were checking the algorithms by dry running it.

9. Questions from Oops like data Abstraction, Encapsulation, virtual functions, Abstract class, Polymorphism, inheritance.

10. Gave me a database table and asked me to write 3 simple queries.
Then asked about
Inner Join and Outer Join.

First round was nice.

Round 2: (~50 min)

Introduce yourself.

1. Puzzle

2. Not able to give the DP solution.

3. Asked me to write the full code on paper.



Round 3 (~40 min):

Tell me about yourself.
Then, Few questions on project,resume.

1. Told me the functionality of atoi() library function and then
asked me to implement it on his laptop.

Interviewer was very concerned about the corner cases like what happens when integer overflow occurs, how to handle inputs like “12abc”, max/min integer value (range of long long) etc….

2. Difference between process and threads.

3. Inner Join, Outer join, left ,right join.
Two people were called for HR round.

HR round (~20 min):

Tell me about yourself.
Why Payu ?
Most challenging moment in your college life.
Asked me If I had any Questions.

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Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2015
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