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PayU Interview Experience | Set 4 (For Fresher)
  • Last Updated : 12 Dec, 2014

Here’s my interview experience at PayU india (fresher).

Round 1
Firstly, a discussion of projects in resume and a detailed chat on my internship
1. Search for an element in a pivoted array. (Only logic and pseudo code )
2. Find middle node of a linked list. (Tested a lot by asking questions)

3. LCA in binary tree. (Complete code was required).
4. A puzzle which I can’t recollect. (Was not common )
5. Was asked to design corpus search engine. He told me the basics and I gave ideas based on what I could think of . (Came close to a good design)
6. Some OS questions like mutex and paging.

This round well and I qualified for next round.

Round 2
Again, a detailed discussion on projects and internship. This round had very less DSA.
3. Asked about semaphores, race conditions, deadlock etc. Asked me to implement a situation.
4. Databases – Gave some data in the form of tables and asked questions on inner join, normalization etc.
5. Again a very hard puzzle, can’t remember it. (Was not common )

This round didn’t go well as I was not good at OS and DBMS. So, prepare those sections as well apart from DSA. I was rejected after this round.

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