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Payu Iinterview (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2014

Written round: 5 coding and 15 MCQ on ds, algos, dbms.

Round 1
Tell me about yourself
Given two strings str1 and str2 find if str2 is substring of str1, if yes return the starting index else return -1.

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Given time as a string in format of HH:MM, draw an analog clock. ( no logic , but made me write the entire code )

Round 2.
Tell me about yourself
Given a binary tree, change the value in each node to sum of all the values in the nodes on the left side of the node.

Eg     		     1
	          /    \
	         2      3

                /      \
               2        6

solved this question using int* he asked me to do it without integer pointer.

->3 basket, apple, orange puzzle
-> bridge and torch puzzle
-> given an array first increasing then decreasing, find the max element, find any element
boundary cases..

Round 3
Tell me about yourself
Given a string without spaces and a dictionary return or print all possible ways that the string can be broken so that only valid words are formed.

Eg. “programmerit”, dict = { “pro”, “gram”, “merit”, “program”, “programmer”, “it” }

ans: { {“pro”, “gram”, “merit”}, {“program”, “merit”}, {“programmer”, “it”} }

Tell me about yourself.
Strengths, weaknesses, why payu, why coding?, motivation, challenging moment.

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