Paytm QA Interview Experience

Round 1: Written test (if you will carry laptop then it is a proper testing questions):

40 questions with basic cmd commands, basic SQL commands, basic program snippets to check.

written test is easier than online test(if you will carry laptop).

Round 2: 1st technical round:

programming language chosen by me: JAVA

(they don’t look for correct answers just check for your approach)

1st question:

write a program to print the number of alphabets in your name.

I said by using string.length but she told me not by using it. Then i convert string to char array and used a for loop till

array.length and incremented the counter each time the loop ran.

2nd question:

it is 3:15 in the clock tell the angle between hour and minute hand.

3rd question(do you have good knowledge of sql? my answer:No):

java basic questions: method overriding and overloading.

4th question: design hypothetical test cases for switch, create hypothetical test case for water bottle.


Round 3: 2nd technical round

Question 1: A to B distance=x&speed=20 km/hr, B to C distance=x&speed=y.

tell the speed B to C such that the average speed=40 km/hr.

(My answer=60 km/hr)

but sir changed the question to A to B Distance=x & speed=40 km/hr, B to C distance=2x & speed=y.

tell the speed B to C such that the average speed=40 km/hr

Question 2: write a program to print fibonacci series (i used long array to store fibonacci series)

Question 3:(knowledge of unix or sql:(My answer:no))

write a program to print factorial of a number(using recursion and without using recursion)

Round 4: HR round

Discussion about salary and other family questions

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