Paytm Mall Interview | Set 27 (Experienced)

This experience is for 5-7 years experienced and for Gurgaon location.

Got the call from Paytm HR and scheduled the interview in Saturday.

Reached the location on scheduled time.

The interview process included three rounds (all technical).

Round 1: Technical and Algorithm Round (1 Hr)

Generic introduction.

Ques 1. Sort numbers in an array and find a number in that array.

Ques 2. Search an element in a sorted and rotated array. Complexity and optimisation.

Ques 3. Difference between SQL and NoSQL databases.

Round 2: Technical and Algorithm Round (1-2 Hr)

Ques 1. Implement LRU cache.

Ques 2. Design Conference Room Application and provide APIs to add, delete, modify, book and un-book the elements in the conference room.

Round 3: Technical and Managerial Round (1 Hr)

Ques 1. Design APIs to upload a document.

Ques 2. Project related questions and general go through as written on resume.

Ques 3. Generic algorithms

Cleared all the rounds and got the positive feedback from HR after 2 days.

The process took complete day. I was the last to be interviewed and it was 8 pm of evening when i returned.

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