Paytm Java Interview Experience( 2-4 year Experience during COVID19 )

How I came to know about the opening ?

So, Paytm recruiters mention a  post on linked in and my friend tag me in the comments of that post. And after that, I send a message to the recruiter on linked in that I am interested in this job profile and send my updated resume. And after reviewing my resume she set up my interview on the next day. 


It is a video call through Google Meet. 

First, the interviewer checks my coding skill. He asks me to open a notepad and write code for the following.

  1. Find the middle element of linked list
  2. rotate 2d matrix by 90 degree
  3. level order traversal of the tree

Then he asks me basic core java questions.

  1. Difference  between sleep and wait
  2. Why multiple inheritances are not supported apart from being ambiguous in nature.
  3. Marker interface. What does it do?
  4. static is serializable or not
  5. if you don’t want to save the state of the object what you will use
  6. feature introduce  java 8
  7. try block with resource and how those resources are closed
  8. memory overflow of array list
  9. employee object is store in a hash map. How it is store?
  10. difference between class not found exception and  class def exception
  11. about hashcode and equals

Round 2

It is more related to your project. All the question is asked is related to the project.

  1. The architecture of your project.
  2. What technologies you are using

Round 3

Managerial Round.  Basic Managerial question.

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