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Paytm Interview Experience | Set 6 (Recruitment Drive)

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I would like to share recent recruitment drive I attended from Paytm

CS + Programming + Coding – Screening round

F2F first round (VP engineering)

  • General icebreaker questions on experience, work in present company etc
  • Reverse words in given string – either whole string only or words also
  • Feedback you got in your last appraisal how you are working on your weak points and general discussion around that.

F2F second round

  • Discussion on HashMap internal implementation
  • How you will implement thread safety and concurrency in this and also how concurrent hash map works internally in java.
  • Frequency of words in array in range 0 to n-1 in O(n) time and O(1) space
  • Variation of A Box of Defective Balls
  • We have 2 tables emp and dept with following data
        1 A 10 10
        2 b 20 20
        and dept with following records
        DEPTNO DEPTName
        10  AAA
        20  BBB

    and Dept no is Primary key in DEPT and Foreign key in EMP Write SQL query to find the department name with maximum average salary.

F2F HR round

  • General HR questions on prior experience, salary structure, hobbies, reason for change, why Paytm and other general probing questions.

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Last Updated : 29 May, 2019
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