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Paytm Interview Experience | Set 4 (Walk-in Drive)

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I got a chance to participate in walk-in drive at Paytm Headquarters. Went through the following process.

  1. Written test: It contained 20 objective questions having a mix of C, networking and Database questions and 2 subjective questions.
    Subjective questions: Stock buy sell maximum profit and Find sub string in a string

  2. Tech round conducted by SE:
    Ques 1: Reverse a given linked list
    Ques 2: Reverse linked list in group of size 3
    Ques 3: Minimum distance between two given characters of a string

  3. Tech round conducted by tech lead:
    Ques 1: Tell me about yourself. Technology stack which you used while working.
    Ques 2: Matrix multiplication (buy c++ book from Sumita Arora class XII level for answer :P)
    Ques 3: Coin change problem (solved it using DP)

Interviewer was impressed with solution of coin change and later he discussed what were the most difficult data structure problems which I had solved. I told some like phone number keypad problem, sudoku solver etc.

I was only possible because of all the stuff I prepared regularly from geeksforgeeks which I could not have found anywhere else. Thanks to geeks for geeks. 🙂

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Last Updated : 28 May, 2019
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