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Paytm Interview Experience | Set 19 (On Campus – SDE)

Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2017
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Round 1:

3 Coding Questions.

Different question for different persons. 1 question on string manipulation, 1 on binary trees and other on arrays. Not very lengthy, but some questions were tricky.

Round 2:

Discussions on project and internships.

I had projects related to Deep learning and machine learning and most of the discussion was centered on this. The interviewer was very cool and was very keen to know about the projects in deep. Make sure you are familiar with every facet of the projects and internship you have on your resume. I was interviewed by many other tech companies and in first round, projects were discussed up to a great depth.

He then asked me to write a code to print the right view of a binary tree. I was able to this question very quickly and then he tested me for my theoretical knowledge about data structures like time complexities and variants of trees, graphs and some other DS.

I was asked the 25 horse puzzle but soon he somehow realized that I know the puzzle. He asked me another puzzle which I don’t remember now.

Round 3:

Sum of subarray such that no two elements in sub-array are consecutive.

Complexity expected was O(n) space and O(n) time. I first did it in O(n2) but he told me to improve it and pretty soon I did it in O(n). Puzzles were asked after that.

Round 4:

Discussions on resume and projects and what all I did in 3 years at college. We had a discussion about data sciences and open source technologies. He asked the optimized solution of the maximum area of Histogram.

I had to write the code on paper. I did it using stacks and he seemed quite impressed. One more question was asked which I don’t remember it right now but I wasn’t able to that completely.

I got the offer 🙂 :). Thank you GFG.

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