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Paytm Interview experience (On-Campus) for FTE

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Online Coding Round : Platform used was
Time : 75 min Question : 3 Coding Question

  1. Simple linked list implementation. Given two strings in the form of linked lists you were to find the lexicographical greatest string.
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. You were given an array and you were supposed to find the number of elements which is/are largest among all elements present in the right side of that particular element in the array.
    Solution:GeeksforGeeks Link
  3. It was a question related to BP+Bitmask. I don’t remember the exact question.

Around 27 students were selected from the coding round and were called for further interview rounds.

Round 1(Face-To-Face)

The interviewer was very friendly.He asked me to introduce my self

    Then he asked me some question :

  1. Find the maximum cost in traversing a 2-D matrix from one given cell to another. It is same as Min Cost Path DP problem.

    He asked me to write a code for this.
    GeeksforGeeks Link

  2. Rod Cutting DP

    I gave him an approach and he was satisfied with this. Then he asked me to write the code.
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link

  3. Left view of Binary Tree
    I gave him an approach and he was happy with approach. After this I was asked to write the code.
    Solution:GeeksforGeeks Link
  4. After these questions he went on for some theoretical questions related to OOPS, DBMS, OS etc.

He asked basic questions like polymorphism and its types. Then, about Normalization and its types with example. He also asked questions related to semaphores.

Round 2(Face To Face 2)

    The interviewer was very friendly.He asked me to introduce my self and about my hobby.

  1. He then moved on to the theoretical concepts of subjects. He asked me questions related to DBMS(transactions and its properties-ACID, about normalization with examples, indexing), OS(paging, segmentation, difference between process and thread etc).
  2. After this he moved to my project, he asked me to give brief idea about my project. He asked questions related to my project(SQL vs No SQL, Node-Js concepts etc.).
  3. Then he asked me a simple coding question with certain constraints and I solved it. He was very happy with my solution.
  4. At the last he gave me a puzzle to which I couldn’t solve.

Round 3(Technical+Managerial)

  1. The interviewer was very friendly. He went through my resume and asked about my interest and extra co-curricular activities.
  2. After this he asked about my aims, and other HR’s like questions.
  3. He asked few project related questions and this was all for this round.

Round 4(HR)

The interviewer was very friendly. She asked me to introduce myself.

She asked about my hobby. After this few questions like Why Paytm? etc. This was non-tech round. She wanted to check your nature, attitude and team work skills. Then I was asked to wait for the results.

Verdict – Selected 🙂

A big thank you to GeeksforGeeks for providing such invaluable material for preparation.

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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