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Paytm Interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2021

Paytm visited our campus on 12th August for Software Engineer Role. Total 4 rounds happened.

Round 1(Coding Round): This one happened for 70 mins where we were given 3 coding ques to solve.

  1. Removing duplicates from an unsorted linked list(
  2. Finding the lexicographic rank of a string(
  3. Permutating the elements of the array according to some other index array(

After this, all the shortlisted students list came and Interviews started on August 13 before that there was PPT presentation that happened around 30mins.

Round 2(Technical Round 1): My Interview was started normally with my introduction and the interview started asking me about my projects.

  • Later he shared a google document and I was given a coding ques n that to solve, The question is: Determining the length of the smallest substring which is having a maximum number of distinct characters.
  • He asked me the approach, First I explained him brute force method later he asked me to optimise it.
  • He told me to open any online editor, I opened and started writing the solution I wasn’t able to get the complete solution but I told him the code I wrote he said ok.
  • Later he asked me DBMS Transactions, ACID properties, OSI model and how the URL processing works when you search something in browser(I don’t remember this question much). All technical questions completed.
  • He asked me if there was any questions for him from my side and left the meeting.
  • I got a mail for 2nd Technical round after 15 mins.

Round 3(Technical Round 2): The interviewer was so cool. Started with my introduction and about the projects. As I have done web development projects he asked me to open the website I hosted and told me to explain about it. He asked what database I have used and some other questions.

He started asking technical questions:

  1. Python Magic Methods
  2. Grabage Collection in C++
  3. C++ base class for Exceptions
  4. Types of Exceptions
  5. Design Patterns(I said to him that don’t know about it)

    Printing the right angle triangle pattern with stars(*) using a single loop

    Like this.
  6. Segragate negative and positive numbers(
  7. Find the missing number in array of elements from 1 to N .Size of the array is N-1(
  8. Repeat and Missing number(
  9. Kth largest element in an unsorted array(
  10. What are heaps? Min heap and Max heap?
  11. What is BFS?
  12. What is DFS?

I answered all of the questions except Python magic methods and Segragate negative and positive elements and he asked me if there was any from my side for him and left.The interview happened around 50 mins. After 10 mins I got mail for HR.

Round 4(HR Round): In HR round I was asked about

  1. My Introduction.
  2. Family Details.
  3. Hobbies.
  4. What do you know about Paytm?
  5. Why do you wanted to join Paytm?
  6. Which type of organisation you like to work?
  7. What are your work location preferences .

That’s it. It happened for 10 to 15 mins and the interviewer left.

The selected student’s list came at night.

Verdict – Selected

Just be genuine with your answers and Be attentive when the interviewer is asking questions.

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