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Paytm Interview Experience | On-Campus
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Dec, 2019

Round 1:


It included basic array questions like dividing money according to given problem statement (mostly arrays) practice must do questions from gfg.


after test we were around 16 to 18 students.

They asked me some puzzles(practice from gfg).  They focused on graph, tree, stack. questions were like : convert binary tree to BST .

2.Printing largest sorted nodes in bst, will you make queue from stack, to implement ALT+ TAB function (use stack and queue)

5.implement random(0-7) such that it can print 0-14  with every element have equal probability. (easy just try).

Round 3: 2nd technical round

after previous round we were only 9 students left.

in 2nd round they focused more on projects, CV, OOPS, more puzzles and aptitude.

ROUND 4: HR round

I was not able to go in that round as after technical  rounds all non computer background students were sent back home even though i cleared all technical rounds. Before HR all interviews took like 1 hr to discuss whether to allow non-computer science streams.  It happened in one of the famous university.
I mean this hurts.

Never loose hope.


I hope this experience and questions will help 🙂

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