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Paytm Interview Experience (Noida Office)

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I was called at Noida office for a face to face interview. Round 1: Face to Face interview
    This round started with basic tell me about yourself question then the interviewer asked some questions related to my projects and my past experience in the company. Then he gave me a puzzle which is
  1. To generate random numbers between 1-12 with equal probability using a already defined function which generates random numbers from 1-6. I solved this problem with little help and he was happy with the solution.
  2. Lowest common Ancestor problem I solved this problem smoothly.
  3. Given a string of an integer number, we have to return minimum number possible bigger than the given number by rearranging the string. for example, if a given number is 21746 then answer will be 21764.
Round 2: Technical interview 2
  1. Started with a little chit chat about my projects.
  2. then a puzzle 1 which i solved it after

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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