Paytm Interview Experience (Java Backend developer)

Round 1:

1. Introduce YourSelf.
2. Delete a node from the linked list where the pointer to that node is given and head pointer is not given.
3. Clone a Linked list having next and random pointer(can point to any other node in a linked list).
4. Arrival and Departure time of train is given. Find min number of platforms.
5. Ways to instantiate a thread, which one is better.
6. Print the letters ABC sequentially in multithreaded environments where A is printed by thread 1, B by thread 2, C by Thread 3

Round 2:

1. Project-based Questions.
2. Design patterns implemented other than singleton and factory in projects.
3. Lazy Initialisation based multithreaded singleton pattern.
4. HashMap internal functionality.
5. Create a Deadlock condition.
6. Garbage collection working in JAVA.
7. Check parenthesis are balanced.
8. Bottom view of the tree.
9. Coin Change problem.
10. Check the cycle in the linked list.
11. Project-based questions related to DB and architecture.
12. Design Q and A test multilingual, that can have multi correct or single correct answers.

Round 3:(Managerial)

1. Project-Based questions(In-Depth)
2. SQL Query for join
3. Puzzle 100 window toggle
4. Design Twitter
5. Code to reverse LinkedList

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