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Paytm Interview Experience for Software Engineer | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021
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Hi Geeks. I would like to share my Interview Experience with Paytm.

Round 1(Online Coding Round): This round consisted of 3 coding problems to be solved within 70 minutes. Students who were able to solve all 3 were shortlisted for the interviews.

Coding Questions asked were : 

  1. Lexicographic rank of a string: Given a string, find its rank among all its permutations sorted lexicographically. let us assume that the string does not contain any duplicated characters. 
  2. Partitioning a linked list around a given value: Given a linked list and a value x, partition it such that all nodes less than x come first, then all nodes with a value equal to x, and finally nodes with a value greater than or equal to x. The original relative order of the nodes in each of the three partitions should be preserved. The partition must work in place.
  3. Third Question was related to triplet sum, with some conditions. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember the exact problem. This was the easiest of all three questions.

I solved all 3 questions in 39 minutes. A total of 89 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2(Technical Interview Round 1):  The interviewer first introduced himself and then I was asked to introduce myself. I introduced myself and told him about my experience in this pandemic. I was asked 4 coding questions followed by this.

Duration 45 minutes – 3:30PM-4:15PM

Coding questions asked were : 

  1. Arrange given numbers to form the biggest number: I had already seen this problem while practicing. So, First I told him the approach then he asked to write function for it.
  2. Level Order Binary Tree Traversal: Given a tree, do level order traversing and store nodes in right to left manner. Right to left means, on each level first store the last element of that level then 2nd last and so on. For solving this problem I had taken a queue and a temp vector, I had stored nodes of each level in left to right manner in temp. After traversing one level completely, just reverse temp vector(became right to left) and push this temp value into answer vector.
  3. Jump Game: An array of size n, a starting index, and a destination value is given to you. Check whether you can reach the destination node or not. starting index can be any number between 0 to n-1.  The destination node is one of the array elements.

    The condition for a jump is, let you are at index i and element at i’th position is X then you can make a jump or either (X+i) or (X-i). He asked me only approach, I discussed using recursion(taken care of boundary conditions).

    Time was still remaining, He asked me about hash maps, Linked lists, DBMS Joins, Deadlocks and then he smiles asked me how will you find the Bitonic point in an array. I discuss the approach using binary search.

    After getting answers to all questions. He was impressed with me. Then he told me, You know everything now what should I ask(^_^).

Time was still remaining, Then He asked me use of Heaps in real-life scenarios. I have discussed the use of heaps in real life.

Finally, he appreciated me and told me that Your problem-solving skill is very good. I’m recommending you for the next round. I was very happy.

Round 3(Technical Interview Round 2 ): This round followed the same pattern as the previous round. Introductions followed by 4 coding questions. Here the Interviewer scanned my resume and asked about the projects(Duration 30 minutes – 6:30 PM-7:00 PM).

Coding questions asked were : 

  1. Find the second last node of a linked: I discuss the approach by taking a previous pointer.
  2. Kth node from the end of a Linked List: I told him that first I will traverse whole linked list and count total number of nodes present in it let n, then I will find (n-K+1)th from start. He told me, this approach will take 2 iterations, Do it in single iteration. I thought for few minutes, then he helped me, try using two pointer approach. Finally, I come up with the solution in one iteration. He told me to write a function for it, considering all corner cases.
  3. DFS traversal of a tree: I discuss the solution using recursion, then he told me write a function for it.
  4. BFS traversal of a tree: Same question was asked by first interviewer with a twist. First I discussed the solution, then wrote a function for it. 

After 25 minutes, the interviewer told me, I’ve done, now you can ask if you have any queries. First I asked about the feedback(got positive feedback) and then working culture in Paytm.

Round 4(HR Round): Just after completion of the 2nd round, I call one of my friends, we were talking about the interview experiences and questions asked by each other. while talking I got the message, You’ve cleared the 3rd round and your HR round will be at 7:00 PM. I told my friend ok, I will talk to you later.

  • I got a call at 7:05 PM, She was HR. we had a chat of 2 minutes and 49 seconds.
  • She asked me about my interview experience, would you like to add something to that procedure. I told her, It was really a nice experience and other stuff.
  • She asked me about my preferred job location and Hobbies. Finally, she said, ok, we will share the results of selected candidates with your college. 

That’s all.

Verdict: Selected

In the end, A total of 41, yeah you read it right total 41 students were shortlisted and I was one of them. I will just say be good at your subjects like Operating Systems, DBMS(SQL queries), Computer Networks and Data Structures and Algorithms. 

I would like to Thank GeeksforGeeks for such wonderful content and detailed coverage of all topics.

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