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Paytm Interview Experience for SDET (2022)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2022
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Paytm came to GL Bajaj campus for recruitment of SDET role. There were 3 rounds held in the complete process:

  • Online Assessment
  • Technical Interview- I
  • Technical Interview- II

Online Assessment Round: OA consists of a total of 17 Ques (15 MCQ+ 2 coding ques). Coding questions are:

  • 1st question is recursion based and the question was the variant of Combination Sum I was able to do it with all test cases completely pass.
  • 2nd was DFS traversal based and I was not able to do it.
  • MCQ questions were based on the Analysis of Graph, basic aptitude questions and some are from the core CS subject like Operating System, Computer Network based questions. I was able to solve 12 out of 15 questions.

The result of the OA round depends on both i.e. Coding and MCQ-based questions as many of my friends do both coding questions but they are not shortlisted because of not doing MCQ questions. So both sections are important.

Result: The result came with a list of shortlisted 72 students including me.

Technical Interview I: The duration of the interview was about 35-40 min. The interviewer was pretty nice.

Questions asked in an interview: Started with Tell me about yourself.

  • Then they asked me a coding question as I mentioned that I have an interest in DSA.
  • The question was of string question in which I had to reverse the string without reversing the word after removing all the non-alphabet characters, then I perform it by using stack.
  • After the coding question, they asked me some fundamental questions about OOPs, SQL, and Basic C++ question.
  • They asked me about GFG Puzzle 1.
  • All the things they asked me were from what I mentioned in my resume.
  • Then they say to ask me then I asked questions related to the Job role and Technologies.

After 2 days I received a mail for Technical Interview-II.

Technical Interview II: The duration of the interview was about 45-50 minutes. The interviewer was really nice. They gave me their intro first and they tell me there IT journey.

Questions asked in an interview are: Start with Tell me about yourself.

  • Then they asked me to explain my latest project which was based on machine learning and computer vision. We had a discussion of 12-15 min about the project.
  • Then they give me a coding ques Add an element to the head of the linked list and gave a condition to do it with Time Complexity as O(1), and I code it very well.
  • Then they asked me some SQL-based questions and queries.
  • They asked me some fundamental questions related to DBMS, OOPs, and some C++ based questions.
  • They give me a scenario and I had to relate it with the OOPs concept.
  • At last, they asked me to tell the test cases of a problem, they tell me that you have a messaging app like WhatsApp and you are only allowed to send Text, Video, or Audio messages on the app then tell us the cases in which the app can be crashed, then I gave him test cases and he was impressed with my cases.

At last, they give me a chance to ask a question and i ask a question and that’s how the interview went to end. No HR round.

Result: A final list of 10 students came including me.

Verdict Selected.

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