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Paytm Interview Experience for SDE (2022)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2022
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Paytm came to my campus GL BAJAJ INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT for the recruitment of SDET Role. I have gone through the following rounds : 

  • Online Assessment 
  • Technical Interview – I
  • Technical Interview – II

 ONLINE ASSESSMENT ROUND: The OA Round consists of 17 Questions: 2 codings + 15 MCQs.  

One of the coding questions was :

  • Complement of Base 10 Integer while other was a standard question which was based upon basic maths. I solved two of them and run my test cases completely.
  • I was able to solve 10 MCQs and most of them were the basic aptitude questions, questions upon finding the errors in code, bar graph analysis-related questions, etc.
  • If you have decent hands-on Leetcode and GFG, you can easily crack this round while solving the majority Mcq’s. The main result of OA depends upon the coding questions that they have asked.

  RESULT: 72 students were shortlisted including me.

 TECHNICAL INTERVIEW – I: The interviewer was pretty nice to me and asked the following questions. In fact, we had a great 10 mts. A conversation where I asked him questions regarding the company and the Job role.


  • Give your Introduction: Based upon that he asked about a few kinds of stuff of Open source and Android stuff (Gradle, Activity, Layouts).
  • Asked to explain one of my Projects.
  • Given coding question: Print your name like the pattern given below. I took a few minutes and then finally coded my approach along with the explanation and Time and space complexities. Another question was to find duplicate characters from the given string which I did use Hashmap and he was satisfied. He didn’t ask for the inplace solution.
U T K A R S H   
  • There were 2 behavioral questions since I had done an Internship in the Android domain.
  • Finally he asked me some testing questions like regression testing, and testing definition and asked testcases for uploading an image over whatsapp. 

 He advised me to prepare well for the testcases section and examine various such examples. On the same evening I got the mail I had been selected for the next round πŸ™‚

TECHNICAL INTERVIEW – II: The Interviewer was pretty weird and neutral. But it doesn’t make me feel anxious since I had been in mock interviews earlier. So, he directly asked my introduction and give me two coding questions to solve one after the other.

QUESTION 1: To check if strings are rotations of each other or not. And if they are in rotation print the no. of rotations.

QUESTION 2:  Print this pattern given 

2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9 10

I executed both of the questions completely and in the first question there was a slight error but later I executed it.

  • Then he asked GFG PUZZLE 16 which I tried and then said NO because it’s not better to waste time on the things which you haven’t prepared.

He then asked me to tell testcases of a problem: 

  • There is a website given to you. 
  • On the left, there are 10 textboxes that accept numbers and on the right, there are 3 textboxes that accept angle as a parameter. 
  • In the middle, there is a button named DRAW which will draw a triangle upon the screen based on these two parameters. 
  • Deduce the test cases for the given situation. 

Thanks to my first Interviewer I prepared the testcases section and I have written 10 testcases in the chatbox he was pretty impressed. We then ended up the interview on a Happy Note πŸ™‚  

RESULT: College came up with the results after 2 days and finally 15 students have shortlisted which my name was not there.

LEARNINGS:  I don’t know seriously want to go wrong but all I can say is LUCK MATTERS. Besides, DSA  focus on how to explain projects, and soft skills, make 2-3 good projects, and trynna do one good internship in your domain. 

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