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Paytm Interview Experience for SDE-1 | 1.2 Years of Experience

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  • Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2021
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I was contacted by an Interviewer through Instahyre.

Round 1(Online Assessment): There were total 34 Questions in the assessment-

  1. 1 coding question(restricted to use Java language only)
    • It was a medium level question
  2. 10 MCQs based on DS & Algos
  3. 10 MCQs based on Java language and concepts
  4. 13 MCQs based on SQL

Round 2(Technical Interview Round): After some short discussion about my current work and projects, interviewer jumped to the coding questions.

  1. She(interviewer) asked me to write clean and clear code which will handle all the corner cases. time complexity: O(M+N), space complexity: (1)
  2. She asked me to just share the approach how can this problem be solved in best way. After taking some examples, I explained how this problem can be solved using dynamic programming. she was satisfied with the approach. expected time complexity: O(N), space complexity: O(1)
  3. she sked me to write clean and clear code which will handle all the corner cases.

after 1 hour of this round, HR informed me that there will be final HM round after 2 hours.

Round 3(HM Round): After some brief intro and discussion related to the previous work, interviewer jumped straight to the coding questions:

  1. He was impressed by the readability of the code.

It was an easy question, so he just asked me the approach. Then he asked me to design database tables for an application(Splitwise). I tried to create 4-5 tables and explained him how we can handle features of the Splitwise application using these tables.

He was not impressed with this design and asked me to learn these things before joining paytm.

Result: Selected 

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