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Paytm Interview Experience for QA Engineer (6 Months Internship + FTE)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020

Paytm visited our campus for hiring 2021 pass outs for the post of QA Engineer. The eligibility criteria were as following:

  • 10th and 12th: 60% and above.
  • B.Tech : 70% and above.

Round 1(Online Coding): The first round was held at Cocubes platform and 3 coding questions were given to us to solve in a duration of 70mins. The difficulty level of the questions was from medium to hard level.  The questions basically were from arrays (medium) , strings (medium), and graphs (hard).

Out off of around 350 students, 25 students were shortlisted for the next Technical Interviews. I was one of them!

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): The interview started with a formal introduction after which the interviewer asked some basic OOPS concept and DBMS questions. After giving satisfactory answers, the interviewer then started giving complex SQL Queries based on a table which was given by the interviewer. I was asked to code for certain problem statements. The interviewer then started asking some logical puzzles. Then questions regarding my projects were asked and questions regarding technologies used in the project were asked. At last the interviewer asked if I had any questions and I asked a question regarding more insights about the role for which the hiring is being conducted. This round lasted for around 55 – 65 minutes.

Around 20 students were shortlisted out of 25 students for the next rounds.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): This round again started with a formal introduction and the interviewer asked me to explain my projects in detail about their use-cases, stack used in the development, the idea behind the project. After this, the interviewer switched towards data structures and asked me about various sorting algorithms and advantages of selection sort over bubble sort. Then the interviewer switched to linked list and asked me about doubly linked list and what advantages they have over normal linked list. Then I was asked to code for certain problem statements which the interviewer dictated. Then she asked me to write and explain the code of any one of the two traversals i.e BFS or DFS. Then the interviewer again asked me about some logical puzzle and I had to respond to them quickly. Then she switched to Operating Systems and asked some basic questions regarding deadlocks, handling deadlocks, mutual and shared locks. After this, she gave me certain situations, and I was asked to write test cases for it ( they were basically with reference to their application). After this she asked me explain about B+ Trees and the difference between B and B+ Trees and the real word scenarios were we would be using them. After this, she asked about some testing concepts regarding Selenium and other driver tools and my familiarity with them.  This round lasted for about 45 minutes.

Around 12 students were shortlisted out of 20 students for the next round.

Round 4(Technical Interview 3): The round again started with a formal introduction after which the interviewer switched to some advance programming concepts related to C, C++ and Java (mostly). After this, I was given certain situations, and I was asked to give the test cases for the same. After this, the interviewer asked me about my internships and the certifications I did. Again I was asked about certain testing tools and drivers (Basics). The interviewer then switched to some DBMS concepts and how can they be implemented in the real world. This was a short round as compared to the other ones.

9 students were selected. I was one of them !!

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