Paytm Interview Experience (For Experienced)

I was working as a C++ Sr. Software Developer and received interview invitation from Paytm HR.

Round 1:
In all rounds interviewers were very friendly. First he asked me to introduce myself and asked if I had worked on JAVA. I simply replied with no. And then he asked me whether I be willing to change my tech from C++ to JAVA, to which I replied with yes. Then the interview begins.
1. Which is the first header file that you include in most common C++ program? My answer was #include but he said it is wrong. He wanted #include which is obviously not correct (Refer), but I let it go.
2. What is the difference between C and C++?
3. What do you understand with Object Oriented Programming? He wants to know your understanding of OOPS not bookish definition.
4. Basic principles of OOPs? data encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, polymophism, blah, blah…
5. Implement list class as defined in STL. I wrote only class declaration and he was satisfied with it.
6. Insert an element at kth position in linked list.
7. Find cousins of particular node in binary tree.
8. Sort and array of 0, 1, 2.

Round 2:
1. Very long discussion on my projects and why do you want to leave your current company.
2. Given two arrays A[] and B[] where size of A[] is very large ( in million ) find all common elements among them. We discussed different approaches and hash map approach seems best.
3. Write binary search code.

Round 3:
1. Very long discussion on my projects and why do you want to leave your current company.

No HR round was conducted.

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