PayPal Interview Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus)

Panel 1

1. Questions about my project?
2. How would I implement this scenario, just an overview, the scenario was the following
There are two different scoreboards for a game, you need combine these scoreboards and get the top 10 persons.
You are expected to answer using client server architecture, Javaservelets, shared memory and data structures concepts
3. Then asked to design a Sudoku game. –
4. about hobbies.

Panel 2
I would like to make point clear here that if you don’t know much about a project in your resume don’t ever put it there, I learnt it the hard way in this round.
1. Questions about my Dbms project which I really didn’t do myself?
2. Questions about css and php in my project description which I couldn’t answer.
3. He asked me to draw the table I used in my project.I got stuck and he found that I didn’t do the project?
4. He locked me with even further questions on the dbms project?

I got pretty nervous, then he advised me to do more teamwork.

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