Paypal Interview for Internship for Data Analytics in VIT University

This is an Internship interview experience for Paypal done at VIT University. This interview is for Data Analytics Side. There are a total of 3 Rounds 

1st Round: It is an online test that contains full of aptitude questions held in Hacker Rank. Total 40 questions of time 1-hour(This may differ every time). There is a chance of giving one or two coding questions with aptitude questions 

A total of 563 students have attended the test. Based on our Test Score and CGPA they shortlisted 54 members for the next round. 

2nd Round: The second round is an Interview round of 15mins. My interviewer asked me questions.

  • Work and time
  • Probabilities.
  • Profit and loss. 

And also asked about my favorite subject. Out for 54 students, 12 are shortlisted for Final Round 

3rd Round: This round is fully technical round for 1 hour. At first, They asked me to introduce myself. Asked me to explain my favorite project kept in the resume. As they came for Data Analytics, I explained to them about a project that was done in that area. Nearly 25min went into this discussion about this project. The interviewer asked in-depth questions in my project that I was explained. 

After this, for me, my Interviewer asked me some logical questions. The Questions will be logical but the way of solving is very easy. This is purely about your understanding of questions. 

Some SQL queries. 

But for my friends in other panels, They asked like… They Gave scenarios and asked to find different KPIs. 

For example scenarios like: 

  • Road Accidents in particular areas.
  • CAB scenario (Like uber cabs scenario) 

At last, they asked me “Why do want to join PayPal” and “What is your ambitions”. Out of 12 students, 2 members are selected for the PayPal internship. This whole process is the Remote process due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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