Paypal Interview Experience (On-Campus )

Recently, I have been through the interview experience of PayPal India and I would like to share my experience with everyone.

Position: SDE- 1

Totally there were four rounds 1 written + 2 technical + 1 HR


As this is the huge elimination round, not only the solution but also time and space complexity matters a lot.

This round is for 120 min and we have to solve 2 coding questions

1. Number of pairs in an array whose sum is divisible by 60

2.  Number of ways to place the house such that non-houses distances should be minimized

Round2(Technical Interview):

Initially, they started to tell me about yourself and they asked to share the screen for coding.

1. They told me lets go in the bottom-up approach, so at first, they asked to write code for printing ASCII values of the string.

2. They asked to extend the same to find the frequency of characters in a string

3. They pasted two arrays and asked to generate a new array with elements that won’t occur in both the arrays(The elements only in one array not in another)

* you shouldn’t use any data structure other than arrays( don’t use hashmap, sets)

* you should do in the linear time complexity

(HINT: The given two arrays are already sorted )

4. Given a linked list, you have to implement the three methods

I) Detect the cycle in linked list

II) Find first node of the linked list

III) Find length of loop in linked list

After all the above, they asked some simple questions in DBMS and data structures

1. what is the primary key?

2. what is the difference between backtracking and dynamic programming?

3. what is the difference between natural key and surrogate key?

4. Approach for solving maze problem

Round3(Technical Interview):

Initially, they asked me to explain the approaches of the two problems I solved in the round1 entrance exam.

Then they asked me to click on the hackerrank list to get the common workspace 

1. Infix to Postfix conversion

2. They asked me to explain how google search works with abstract classes or UML diagrams

Both of the above took more than an hour


He gave some scenario-based question and asked to explain the approach and code the logic followed by a few HR questions like

1. what are your aspirations in life?

2. Have you ever been in a respectable position?

Finally, They gave 5 offers to my campus(4 FTE + 1 INT) and I was one of those 4 FTE.

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